Insurance & Discount Fees

For our patients without medical insurance or who choose not to use their insurance plan, below are a range of discounted fees that we offer.

discounted fees

  • Our *established patients may be seen on a non-urgent basis by appointment in our regular medical clinic for $100 per visit.
  • New patients may be seen in our Medical Clinic by appointment for $150 per visit.
  • New and established patient may be seen without an appointment in our Urgent Care Center for $150 per visit.
We offer special low rates for flu shots and other injections requiring only a nurse visit, without insurance. Please call for details.
*Established patients are patients we have treated one or more times at either Green Valley Ranch Medical Clinic or Green Valley Ranch Urgent Care Center. The fees above do not include certain procedures, laboratory services and x-rays. These discounted fees are only available at time of service. Our Medical Assistants will be happy to answer any questions you may have about these options.